Writing Specialist information

Ello' Dr. Robson,
I was just curious to see if you knew (if there is such a person) a
writing specialist for the lab reports alone, rather than just your
standard "english paper writing specialist man/lady" person. If so,
and you know who it is, can you give me their name please?
-thanks a Bajillion, Colin

Hey, Colin,

Well…Last semester there was this guy Alec Henry working on Wednesday
afternoons in the Writing Center who specializes in lab reports. I'm not
certain he's still there, but he probably is. So I'd ask for him.
Otherwise, writing center overseer and general guru Donna Galalti-Huls,
while not a specialist in science writing, is very good about giving
people writing advice related to their specific assignment, as long as you
bring the rubric with you. (Keep in ming that if you lose the rubric,
there's a downloadable version posted on the course website [not the
course wiki] under the "course documents tab.)

Best wishes,

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