Westerheide article

Since we didn't get to finish up our discussion of this article, I'll post what our group came up with for a summary of our paragraph (it is the 4th paragraph, starting with "Westerheide et al…")

When our cells are exposed to stressors, HSF1 is acetylated by an enzyme—acetyltransferase p300. This is said to "turn off" our body's abibity to rid of stressors, like heat shock. SIRT1 is the counteracting molecule for HSF1; it DEacetylates HSF1 and can even prevent HSF1 from being acetylated at all. Westerheide et al. observed that resveratrol (found in red wine) activates SIRT1 to deal with HSF1, prolongs HSF1 binding to promoters, and enhances the heat shock response.

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