test tips

1. Read the question and try to answer it BEFORE looking at the answers.
But make sure you look at all the answers before choosing. There will be more than one right answer
2. Do not spend too much time on any one question. We only have 50mins. Even though it is open notes you will not have the time to look everything up.
3. If the question asks you something you do not know, see if you can cross out any of the wrong answers before you guess.
4. Do not keep changing your answer. If you are prepared trust your first thought.
5. After you have finished the test, go back to those questions you circled as being too hard. Go through to get what you know skip what you don not and come back. Other questions may reveal an answer for you.

Do not hesitate, but do think clearly. One question at a time but not for a long time. Good Luck! haha

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