Shine-Dalgamo sequence

Was wondering how this all goes down…so looked some some info up…

The Shine-Dalgarno sequence (or Shine-Dalgarno box), proposed by Australian scientists John Shine and Lynn Dalgarno,[1] is a ribosomal binding site in the mRNA, generally located 6-7 nucleotides upstream of the start codon AUG. The Shine-Dalgarno sequence exists only in prokaryotes. The six-base consensus sequence is AGGAGG; in E. coli, for example, the sequence is AGGAGGU. This sequence helps recruit the ribosome to the mRNA to initiate protein synthesis by aligning it with the start codon.
Mutations in the Shine-Dalgarno sequence can reduce translation. This reduction is due to a reduced mRNA-ribosome pairing efficiency, as evidenced by the fact that complementary mutations in the anti-Shine-Dalgarno sequence can restore translation.

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