Review time and something about gremlins

Here be the thing…reviewing is something that would benefit me do that it sure can't be any worse than when i didn't attend the first one…Had a football meeting that night but now i'm clear and woul like to sit in on what re some possible test questions that may come up…and when i was 5 my favorite movie was the gremlins aint got shit to do with this i just throught i would mention…….anyways i am reading this genetics book but would like to know that the specifically i should be looking at….i know the questions from the exam one will be on there….the sweet figures and cell aging papers will be on there….and if i can some how come up with the other 35 questions or the direction on where they will coming from…..And I know this world is so cold and deceivin but I keep my head up like my nose is bleedin. That was Another line from B-killaz main homie…and it is approrpriate due to the fact that the first test score, Dr. Robson's teachers who influenced her to make test very SWEET/AWESOME, and that one must always keep your head up while the nose be bleedin…That is all…word to your mother…

Mr. T

I'll pretty much second everything Tuck said about the review…pretty sure sports had a lot to do with not many attending the last session (I'm included), this time should be different

C. Dennis

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