Review Session Next Week?

Nights work best for me, either Wednesday or Thursday. I know I'll need a review session, anyone else?

I would also like a review session, they are very helpful. Jennifer

I am suggesting Wednesday night, I don't think there are night classes at that time and maybe more people would be able to attend this much needed review session.

I think we should have a review session on Wednesday night. That gives us more time to study what is covered in the review.

i think wednesday night work best

Wednesday start around 4pm will work for me, i deffinately will come if the schedule fit

I'm all for a review session - Wednesday works best for me.

im in

Wednesday or Thursday night would work for me. If we have one on wednesday could it be a little earlier like at 4 otherwise anytime on thursday would work.

Because I have an unyielding passion for doing good in Genetics test a review session would make my day… on Wednesday around 6:00or even around 3:00. Joe L.

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