Review for Final Exam

Things to Review for Final Exam
1.) Plasmind Maps; Be able to interpret them.
2.) Introns: They are non-coding DNA, but they're within a coding region of a gene, so they're transcribed…but not translated (ex: Eukaryotes have introns)
3.) EFMB: There will be a longer essay about the turning on and off of specific genes between different species
…know a specific example (in detail) dealing with the same gene, in the same species, and how when this gene is turned on alters the phenotype of the species
4.) Lab Techniques: Know Western Blot, PCR, etc..
—be able to interpret graphs and figures that show results from using certain techniques
5.) Review old exams, questions/ concepts will be similar with different scenarios.
6.) Design a primer for use in REGULAR PCR

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