pGlo Plasmids

here is a link to some document sources about pGlo Plasmids and GFP

Please note that virtually none of the sources linked via the google search results linked above are acceptable as citations in your lab report. While some of them may be useful for your own personal background, none of the sources on the first three pages of this google search are scientific journal articles.

Please also keep in mind while writing your lab report that the way we did the E. coli transformation with the pGlo plasmid is NOT THE SAME as the protocol recommended by BioRad (b/c their protocol is dumb), but virtually every page you see about this experiment dutifully repeats the crappy Bio-Rad protocol. In other words, YOU CAN'T RELY ON OUTSIDE WEBSITES to tell YOU what YOU DID in our lab. You'll have to rely on your notes.

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