Jan. 23

RNA Polymerase: Synthesizes an RNA strand and RNA synthesis stops and the RNA polymerase falls off of the DNA. These are enzymes that make RNA polymers.

RNA Polymerase I: Transcribes the ribosomal RNA genes (rRNA) and recognizes particular motor sequences. (unusual promoters, rRNA specific)

RNA PolymeraseII: Transcribes genes to mRNA, so they can be translated to proteins. They often need accessory proteins to activate the transcription of genes.

RNA Polymerase III: Transcribes genes for transfer RNA's and recognizes unusua, tRNA specific promoters.

Accessory Proteins(for transcription to the RNA polymerase II): Proteins that bind to the DNA (interact with the DNA) and prevent RNA polymerase II from transcription of particular DNA.

  • Sigma Factors(bacteria): Proteins that bind to the promoter sequence of a gene allowing the rest of the RNA polymerase to transcribe that gene into RNA. (to start transcription)
  • TBP(eukaryotes): TATA Box Binding Protein
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