learn the basics

Any night would work for me but fri or sat would be better so we have time to work on our labs more

I really like the idea of a review session because I am confused on some of the material. Friday's would work the best for me.
—Kayla S.

I would also like a refresher course on the basics. Thurs, Fri., or Saturday night would work as long as I know in advance so I can make arrangements. Thanks.

I vote for Thurs or Fri night Cody Dennis
Thurs night work for me
BY the way, i think this is a good opportunity for every one to attend even you thing you know every thing but it not hurt. -Hoa

This review session will be a great opportunity for me to gain a better understanding on the basics of genetics. I have not taken a micro or any type of molecular bio course before so I really don't have a very good grasp on the material. Friday night would work good for me. -Blake-

Thursday would work better, but what time would it be??
-Brittany W.

Friday night would be the best night for me

Thursday night would work better for me

Thursday night would work better for me

Thursday night would also work best for me
-Cole Wilson

Thursday night would work the best for me
-drew smith

Dont know whats goin on is this for the test…also I hope you dont hurt me hoa

None of these nights really work for me, but I want to attend. What times would these be at?

A Friday night session would work for me depending on when it started. I definitely can't do a Thursday night session.
-Brianna C.

I wish I could have made one of the sessions, but tonight I have a night class and then this weekend we are traveling to a track meet, so none of the nights will work for me so maybe I could get some notes from someone or figure something out.

any night would work for me i just need to know the times
-chris dicks

Yeah I need this review session badly because I pretty much have no background in genetics since I havent been in micro. So have we decided on a date yet for this session?
-Eric Husen

I have night class tonight and i can not make it to the review session so i was wondering if we could just come in on our own when you are in your office to review certain things and clear them rough spots up.
-Brice Buryanek

Could someone who was able to attend the review session tonight post their notes here for those of us who were not able to attend? Thanks
~Emily Peterson

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