Figure 3-C

Here is a brief summary of what is being conveyed in Fig. 3-C from the research paper we are studying….

-The data is showing the expression of RNA of HSF1 in its four major versions (HSF 25,40,70,90) when it is treated with heat shock.

-For each version, there are four categories:a mock run, wild type (WT), K80R mutant, and K80Q mutant.

-Each of the four categories of HSF were treated either with (+) or without (-) heat shock.

-Quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) was ran with primers on the genes that are being observed.

-As can be seen in the figure, all major versions of the WT-HSF protein that were treated with heat shock show significant RNA expression.

(feel free to correct me or add anything)

I think the hsf in each chart are different genes for different heat shock proteins.
I didn't really understand what the mock run was trying to show.

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