exam 2 review notes

Here's a little summary of some of the key points I picked out from the review…

  • #14 from last test…simply put, know how to do it

-programmed ribosomal frameshift=move individual bases, not codons

*Big picture of resveratrol, SIRT1, HSF1 article……Resveratrol makes SIRT-1 work better which causes more deacetylation of HSF1 which allows the HSF1 to bind to hsp genes which ultimately results in increased cell life span

*Genomic Imprinting: stopping gene expression by methylating DNA at cpg island near promoter sequences that makes so the gene cannot be transcribed

*transcriptional activators are + charged (because DNA is - charged)
K80R, K80Q, acK - charged which prevents DNA binding

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