Endless Forms Most Beautiful

In the preface the author talks a little about the two greatest revolutions in biology which are evolution and genetics. He talks some about natural selection and how to understand form. Finally he states what this book will tell us and he explains who he wrote the book for and tells us that it will tell us the story of how the animal kingdom evolved. The introduction the author tells us a little about himself and he starts if off by saying he was in his child's school when he thought of some questions about animals. He wondered why most children drew zebras out of all animals possible. He explains some of his dreams of paradise. He talks about the evolution of form through embryos and evolution and using Darwin and Huxley to help explain it. All complex animals and humans share a common "tool kit" of "master" genes that governs the formation and patterning of their bodies and body parts. Finally he talks about ideas of diversity and concepts that are crucial for understanding how the species-specific instructions for building an animal are encoded in its DNA and how form is generated and evolves.

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