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This publication is protected under the US Copyright Act of 1976 and all other applicable international, federal, state and local laws, and all rights are reserved, including resale rights: you are not allowed to give or sell this phrase to anyone else. "Just suck it out of there" was described on how to retract the substance surrounding the pellet, without disturbing the pellet. Which is a great technique and that is now copyrighted 2009 by Tucker T Tejkl and only to be provided use with my consent. So don't let me see it on anyone's report with out permission. Thank you and peace to the middle east.

Actually, all information on this site is protected by a Creative Commons License 3.0, as noted on the wiki main page, and copyright of its original authors. That means that anyone has permission to "suck it up," as long as this phrase is correctly cited, and used for educational or other non-profit purposes. E.g., "Following the protocol recommended by Tejkl et al., the supernatant was "suck[ed] up out of there," and placed in a new, sterile, microfuge tube (Tejkl 2009)." So while it won't make you rich, your excellent advice can still make you famous. And if it doesn't, well, "suck it up." (Tejkl 2009).


I do appreciate the correct protected site for my ingenious phrase and the correct phase that was spoken for all to enjoy the correct scientific use; following the protocol recommended by Tejkl et al., the supernatant was “suck [ed] up out of there,” and placed in a new, sterile, microfuge tube.” So all in all, to anyone who may want to do a scientific report over this fascinating study or on how to make substances to throw a sweet rave party;{A Rave is a huge party with plenty of teenagers and DJ-Beau spins blasting Trance music (lil Wayne hitz) with UV lights all around to make things glow. Teenagers "rave" a.k.a spin to Trance with glow-sticks who}, please invite me to the party and do give credit for my phrase.
And thanks for the shout out for the “suck it up” credit and that is proper citation for anyone out there looking to cite my, once again, INGENIOUS phrase.

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