Please leave the comment you have on the speaker in class this last friday here :)

I really like how the speaker, Casey, presented the information on his study. He explained the steps very clear and easy to understand. After attended this presentation, I felt positively toward the carrer of research and gra-school opportunities. I think Dr. Robson and other profesors should invite speaker (related to class materials) on campus more often. This actually help students pay more attention on the topics.

I agree, I think it would be very beneficial if professors brought in speakers to talk about related class material, to get us more involved and interested. This helped me relate the material to more real life situations…which helps the material become more easily understood. Casey's research was cool, and it was neat how someone's research that he talked about with mice had the GFP present.

Maybe its just me, but im pretty sure that was beau 2 years in the future, going back in time to give a lecture to himself, just because he thinks he's cool

The presentation was interesting and brought in new ideas of real life applications to use several lab techniques.

i thought the presentation was good too.

I'd just like to point out how each successive post is successively shorter - oops, I just broke the trend. Anyway, Casey's presentation was interesting, it makes it easier for me to learn things when I understand can see how and why it's used.

I thought that his presentation was very good as well. It helped me understand a few things that were kinda of cloudy. I also agree that all I could think about when I was listening to him talk was Beau in 2 years!! haha

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