Ch14 HW

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2. a) 2
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1

see page 512 and codon chart

5.This mutation could have been caused by a transposable element or frameshift mutation, where mechanisms such as those listed in table 14.6 could not revert the mutation.

6. Yes, in somatic cells
For more information see pg.513

7. a) transition and transversion
b) 2:3
transition: t-c, t-n, c-t, c-n, n-t, n-c (pyrimidine-pyrimidine)
a-g, a-m, g-a, g-m, m-a, m-g (purine-purine)=12 total
Tranversion: t-a, t-g, t-m, c-a, c-g, c-m, n-a, n-g, n-m (pyrimidine-purine)
a-t, a-c, a-n, g-t, g-c, g-n, m-t, m-c, m-n (purine-pyrimidine) =18 total
c)Its higher (so high i could vomit on a comet)

8. a) AUM and AUG
b) Uaa, UAG, UAM, UMA, UGA

11. No
22. Reversing mutations requires a mutation that will result in an amino acid that will react w/ the amino acid that resulted from the original spontaneous missense mutation to help the overall protein to fold correctly (this requires a specific location and type of amino acid which would be unlikely). or a restoration of the original amino acid, which is also improbable…so rate of foward dominates rate of reverse.

24. If you do one of dem punnet squares…youll see that 2 males and two females that are healthy result (the Xlethal is recessive) 1:1
b. punnet square reveals (if i did it right) one healthy female…all males die due to xlethal

31. (Comment…did not really understand)
a. None would be arg-ind
b. None
c. None

2. wt=GAC
b. point missense
c. Leucine
d. Valine

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