April 6 Notes

Genetics- April 6, 2009 Chapterr 14-Mutations

I. Classification of mutations

a) definition of mutation: change in DNA sequence compared to previous versions
(aside: mutations are neither good nor bad in general. cuz most mutations don't do shit.)
*most mutations are neutral —> NO effect whatsoever on the phenotype of an organism.

-mutations create genetic diversity in populations of organisms which makes said poplulation more resilent to environmental change.
ex. antibiotic resistence in bacteria
ex. gene for protein that makes cell wall: amino acid sequence of most bacterial cell wall proteins —> destruction of cell wall by penicillin

Mutations are heritable: passed from 1 cell to its offspring
somatic: body cells that die when you die
germ-line: gametes <— only mutations in germ-line cells are heritable to multicellular offspring

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