Andrews partial paper

Gene Expression of Hemophilia A
Andrew Gross
The human body does thousands of things at one time in order to maintain homeostasis. Different ways the body maintains homeostasis anywhere from pH regulation, temperature regulation, and gene expression (5). Gene expression is the process by which a gene is regulated and the resulting product is then expressed (5). When genes are not correctly expressed or mutated this can cause a variety of genetics disorders some that are more severe than others. One of which is hemophilia A. Hemophilia A is a blood clotting disorder where the person lacks factor VIII protein (4, 5, 7). This mainly affects males (7).
Mutation Causing Hemophilia
Hemophilia A is considered an X-linked inheritance determined by the recessive allele (5, 7). A LINE insertion, long interspersed nuclear elements, is believed to be inserted into the gene that codes for the clotting factor VIII and then duplicate (6). Also, the translocation or inversion of a couple of genes can cause hemophilia A (4). At the CpG sites on the genes are where most of the mutations occur for this disorder (3).

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